Monday, April 2, 2012

Tuesday Poem--To Poetry by Melissa Green

I have not forgotten you. You were taken. Suddenly, terribly, Eros kissed me
on the mouth, inhaled my simple songs, and from his throat roared out
a fusillade of black notes, crows that raced and pierced the thunderheads.
It left me mute, violent hoof prints to the heart as when one falls in love, 
passion filling me with thorns of light. Wildfires that blazed for no one.
My hands awoke. I could not stop their fury, their flurry, their hurried need,
a hurt and hunger so fierce, my hair turned white as weave of the pages
I drew to me, pristine except where I left my mark: pen, brushes, paint.
I hardly sleep now, night after night, and when mornings come, I reach up
and break off a piece of the sun to feed on, its taste a burning on my tongue,
of crimson, violet, viridian, ultramarine. Ask for me and you will find me 
changed, utterly new. My hands, now taloned, are sleek white birds in flight.

*     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
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  1. Wow Melissa What a wonderful burst of images! great lines...'I reach up and break a piece off the sun to feed on...
    Have a lovely birthday!

  2. drop-dead gorgeous, every which way.

    (just tuning up your chops, for the next Year of our Queen, melissa green?)

    i wish you the happiest of birthdays!

  3. Yes, a truly exquisite poem. So, it's your birthday, Aries? Happiest of days, and the year to come.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA. This I love. 'I have not forgotten you. You were taken.' Ahh, so strong, so sad. But now back with such strength - the taloned hands, flying! How lovely they are. You. Xx

  5. To our surprise, the exchange of one passion for another. "It left me mute..." So glad to see your words here again. Still April 3 in California. A very Happy Birthday. xo

  6. Ah, Melissa. There are images, notions and insights you - and only you - are able to bring to air and light. This poem knocked my socks off. I took it for a barefoot walk along the water's edge of Santa Eulalia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you with the taloned hands xo

  7. Dear Helen, thanks for the birthday wishes! And I'm glad you found some lines you found especially great.

  8. Thanks, Susan, for the good wishes. "Drop-dead gorgeous every which way" is wonderful for me to hear!

  9. Dear Tim, thank you for your birthday wishes and for liking the poem so much.

  10. Dearest Mary, thank you for the good wishes and for rejoicing in the 'taloned hands, now flying'. xo

  11. Dear Marylinn, you probably understand the passion in this poem more than anyone, the losses and the gains, and I'm so grateful for that, as you know. xo

  12. Dearest Claire, I'm delighted you went barefoot in Saint Eulalia and that it was my poem that helped you to walk on the sand in the sun. xo