Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday Poem--Penniless Lovers by Eugenio de Andrade

They had faces open to whoever passed.
They had legends and myths
and a chill in the heart.
They had gardens where the moon strolled
hand in hand with the water.
They had an angel of stone for a brother.
They had like everyone
the miracle of the every day
dripping from the roofs;
and golden eyes
glowing with
a wilderness of dreams.
They were hungry and thirsty like animals,
and there was silence
around their steps.
But at every gesture they made,
a bird was born from their fingers
and, dazzled, vanished into space.
Eugenio de Andrade
(trans. from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)


  1. "[...] gardens where the moon strolled
    hand in hand with the water." Such a lovely line.

    The imagery in this poem--such as, everyday miracles dripping from roofs--is stunning.

    Thank you for this, Melissa. :)

  2. I agree, stunning poem - even more notable because it has survived translation so well.

  3. Dear Jayne, so glad you found much to love in this poem. xo

  4. Dear AJ, yes, that's one thing that often gets overlooked--how well the beautifies of a poem survive the translation. Thanks for reminding us!