Monday, January 2, 2012

Tuesday Poem--The Prophecy of Simeon

This is my last Christian poem, in honor of the season

Stooped on an ashen staff, a malarial beard 

in a wheeling helix of wings, her prophet groped 

the temple’s stonework, crab-like, a wandering liquid 

jasper eye alight in the chiaroscuro. Hope 

rattled his blind heart’s gourd. As sacrifice flensed 

from forked pomegranate, drizzling fat and entrails, 

a breath of clove lifted the curtained incense 

at its corner by a finger. The longed-for vision, unveiled, 

was a radiant girl offering her weighted sleeves. 

Angels fanned his ancient eyelids back. 

Joy and lamentation rung his ribbed ogive, 

plunging in its double sword: Passionweek, whose chink 

of light unrolled an era like a road; 

the Child, directing his age toward and away from God.


  1. Happy New Year, Melissa, and thank you for another rich offering of language, sound, insight, and soul. Each of your poems is like Simeon's vision, a epiphany. Warmest wishes for 2012. -T

  2. Dear Tim, so nice to see you back here! Happiesst of New Year's to you. I hope it is full with good hard successful work, the richness of friends and family, some adventures, some peace. I'm glad you found the poem so strong. Thank you for your compliments, as always.

  3. Oh Melissa, how I've missed your poems. This is so lush, so beautiful. This poem, jeweled, Holy, in and of itself. As always, in awe I read your work.

    Wishing you a beautiful New Year, Melissa. This is a perfect start. :)

  4. Dear Jayne, I'm so pleased that you found this poem so beautiful. I hope you have a completely full-bodied year, full of wonderful music, gorgeous things to fill the eyes, much romping and riotousness and thoughtful times to let your children learn, and you with them. Be happy, and thank you for your blog.xo

  5. Thanks you sensei for explaining it all to me. I already liked the words; even before I knew what they meant.

  6. How weird is this: For the word verification for my comment, I received a word that was the only password I ever used for the first 10 years I used a computer.

  7. Strange and quite fantastic. There are more things in Heaven and earth. . .mystery abounds all around us, Susan. None of us knows what any of it means. xo